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The one and only Isamar hits the mats once again to test the skills and fortitude of yet another recent and fantastic new find. With over ten years experience battling women on our mats, the sultry Mexican bombshell knows just how to "indoctrinate" new women into club, and usually does it with ease, and always with pleasure.

Today's newcomer is a sexy/tough looking younger woman named Erica, and this woman is built like a brick shithouse. Powerful legs, bangin' ass, broad shoulders, strong arms....and a large, dangerous set of fake tits to top it off.

Isamar quickly realizes she is facing her physical equal, to say the least. Brunette Erica smiles confidently, knowing she's plenty strong enough to knock this woman, or any of the other top girls out of her way. And she sets right to it.

Erica puts Isamar on the defensive quickly, using her greater strength to get on top and surprisingly controls Isamar quite effectively with her greater strength. This girl is easily the strongest and tougest "newbie" Isamar's had to face in recent years. Enough so to wonder if she's done this before in private.

Crushing scissors, smashing pindowns, straddle pins and facesits (by BOTH women) highlight this rather close power struggle for supremacy..and the right for the winner to "have" the loser.

Will it be the wiley veteran doing her thing? Or will a star be born in the brash, bodacious newcomer?

There will be no ties- winner fucks the loser every which way she can!